Welcoming Your Guests

Many elements of a truly memorable ceremony resonate with your guests. I will be at your wedding choice of venue, beach, mountain grove, garden or even your own backyard, wherever you have decided to introduce and welcome your guests. Your guests will feel like an essential part of the ceremony.  By virtue of their presence their role is not only to celebrate with you, but to be your witnesses and to bestow blessings upon you. If you wish, you might want me to invite your friends and family to participate in the ceremony by having them read what might be meaningful to you, either of their own choosing or provided by you.


  • Processional - to music of your own choosing to walk to each other
  • Story - I or someone else telling a little bit about you
  • Prenuptial Contract - signing and displaying the prenuptial contract
  • Vows - traditional vows or personal ones you write yourselves or suggested by me
  • Ring Exchange
  • Blessings - traditional or completely creative, some perhaps recited by friends and family
  • Proclamation - presenting the married couple
  • Lastly: First Kiss as a married couple, Breaking the Glass, Jumping the Broom, Sand Ceremony or Unity Candle Lightings
  • Exit and joining your guests